JM Gallery offers works on paper and sculptural forms that engage both the eye and the mind. Our goal is to promote artists who create smart, visually compelling work and to showcase their art in a space that is inviting and accessible. We are committed to working closely with artists as they develop their work and careers and to developing lasting relationships with collectors. In collaboration with area schools and non-profits, we also seek to enrich the creative community by teaching artists and collectors about navigating the complex world of art.

Jane Politz Brandt is the "J" in JM Gallery. Before starting the gallery, Jane had one career path—to practice law. She obtained a liberal arts degree from Louisiana State University in Shreveport and attended Louisiana State University Law School. After clerking for a federal judge, she joined Thompson & Knight where she has practiced law her entire career. After 28 years in practice, Jane wanted to pursue new challenges and to find exciting ways to engage with the community. Michael suggested it was time to open an art gallery, and Jane took him at his word. From there, JM Gallery was born. Jane continues to practice law as a partner at Thompson & Knight, where she focuses on Intellectual Property law and is developing a specialization in Art Law.

Michael Heinlen is the "M" in JM Gallery. His decision to open the gallery was unexpected but not really surprising. With a doctorate in Medieval manuscript illumination from Northwestern University, Michael began his professional career at the University of North Texas, teaching Medieval and Northern Renaissance Art History. After several years, however, he realized he wanted to change careers and that the only way to get out of academia was to go back to school. So he enrolled at the SMU Dedman School of Law. Michael is now a partner in the Intellectual Property section of Thompson & Knight, where he mixes patent litigation with Art Law. He is also a founding member and President of Arts Counsel Texas, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing a bridge between the legal and artistic communities of North Texas. JM Gallery allows Michael to indulge his passion for art while continuing to practice law.

The third member of the JM Gallery team, Chris Heinlen is a recent graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). After receiving his BFA in Graphic Design, Chris moved back home to Dallas ready to start the next chapter of his life as the director of JM Gallery. His time at MICA gave Chris first hand experience with many incredibly talented emerging artists and a deep appreciation for contemporary art. In his new role at JM Gallery, Chris hopes to share his love of art with the Dallas community and work closely with local and national artists.