Scott Shubin

“The Aim of Art Is To Create Space” —Frank Stella

Scott Shubin works in steel, creating abstract forms that range in size from intimate pieces that can sit on a desktop to monumental structures over thirty feet tall. They appear both in private collections and publicly in parks and along streets in Arlington, Fort Worth, and Dallas. Whatever their size, Scott’s carefully crafted works play with the way light and shadow, color and texture, geometric forms, and the environment interact to create space and volume. They create a sense of energy through oppositions. In Continuum, for example, Scott coats the hard, formal steel in bright, playful color. Powerful, industrial forms appear elegant and refined. And a sense of precarious balance is offset by the appearance of stability. The work is at once tense and calm, formal and intimate. In short, Scott challenges our perceptions of space and the forms that exist in it.